The Prophet's Mother Trilogy

Will It Take a MONSTER to Find a Kidnapped Prophet?

An intense and erotic urban fantasy from the IAN 2016 Outstanding Paranormal/Supernatural book of the Year author.  Right at the beginning of The Prophet’s Mother trilogy, Julian M. Coleman weaves a haunting tale of parental loss, heartbreak, and sacrifice. 

Evelyn, who swore off using her dark powers, is beyond hysterical.  She’s also supremely ticked off.  How dare someone take her child?!  She uses her supernatural arsenal in the guise of a vengeful black SPIRIT.  Distraught and enraged, she hunts the snow-encased city during the holiday season.  Dead bodies pile up in the morgue.  

There’s only one person who can find the stolen prophet: the logical and determined Homicide Detective, Harry Kurosawa.  But first, he must believe the unexplainable, or more people will die.

Listen to A Supernatural Mother's Desperate Attempt to Find Her Kidnapped Son