Damned Reflections: Books 1 and 2

Identical Besties Doomed with Immortality

The twins are fierce, beautiful, and identical. Born in different centuries, they found a supernatural way to coexist. They weren’t natural fighters, but the brutality of their parallel realities made them killers. Will their brand-new immortality survive their ruthlessness?

Samantha Montgomery transfers from an urban high school to the exclusive preparatory, where she makes no friends. Lonesome and ostracized, Sammy escapes to a Nirvana-like dreamworld she calls Nysa. But she’s not alone in her private heaven. Sammy shares paradise with twin Sara, a half-Native teen with a murderous chip on her shoulder the size of Oklahoma.

In the late 1800s, Sara is an outcast in her village. Her devoted mother is a priestess and runaway slave. Her father is a respected medicine man. Yet, she has no friends. Instead, she’s harassed and ridiculed. In a life-altering sequence, she endures rejection, a sexual assault, and a spiritual (demonic) awakening. She finds power in her cold-bloodedness.

Only Sammy’s devotion quiets Sara’s bloodlust—until circumstances force Sammy into killing too.