Home Alone, or am I?

ghost in the mirrorWhen my husband goes on a business trip, I’m usually all alone in a big and old house. It’s been around for more than a century and I suspect folks have died in it. That’s my suspicion and I’m sticking to it.  Late at night, I hear things. If my dog, Cherie, doesn’t respond to those noises then I know everything’s alright.

But there are times when she will look up at me as if I was supposed to investigate. Well, I know we have a problem. Because “I’m” not going anywhere. Her response to fear is to piddle and run. That should be my response too! Ultimately I will investigate the strange sound, but with a good deal of caution. I’m not looking for anything natural, you understand. I’m seeking out a supernatural source.

I’m looking to see if a human like shadow will pinch off wall, or if the woman in the mirror will morph into a fiend or worse will she suddenly stop matching my actions! By the way, was that the wind or a howling scream? I think I hear someone scratching at the door. Hold on a sec. I will be right back…aaaah!

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    1. Hi Mely, I’m very glad that you love it! Unfortunately it is too true. Guess who has another business trip in a few weeks. I am absolutely terrified! 🙂 BTW, did you join my newsletter? Keep in touch.

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