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The Award-Winning Demon Lover's Chronicles - Books 1 - 3 for only $2.99

Angelina willingly gave her body and soul to a demon. Is she crazy? Love is foolish. Now her sister MUST try to save her from damnation

The Fury of Angels on Sale for only $1.99

There is no peace in immortality. The twins are fierce, beautiful, and identical. Born in different centuries, they found a supernatural way to coexist.  Sara, armed with a six-shooter, has a murderous chip on her shoulder the size of Oklahoma. Can Sammy’s devotion smother Sara’s bloodlust?

Stolen Prophet: The Prophet's Mother - Book 1/FREE

A cursed demigoddess pretends she’s an ordinary single parent until her only child is KIDNAPPED. Although it is Christmastime, all hell is about to break loose.  

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