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This is the last book of this series. I started with Really Cher? and now, in just one month, finished all of her books. Really great writing!!.. Waiting for the next book scheduled to be launched on this month end.



Vampire books are so often repetitious and predictable. This book was exciting. It added a new twist. Mix powerful magical women who outsmart and control the curse of the vampire while saving its power. The characters were original and complex. Love turned and twisted in unexpected ways. A must have and a definite re-read. She is an exciting author and I look forward to reading more of her work.



I wanna be a priestess!!! Haha! I am so into this trilogy! I like how it all began (from Book 1-3). I like how Julian played with the characters and its twist. It's a love-hate relationship. And yes, GIRL POWER!

Amazon Customer


Who reads about demons at Christmas time? I do! This was an easy read with good characters. I really liked the sisterly bond and at the end, yes, I cried. I know this is a horror book, but it had heart too. My favorite character -- not the attractive couple, but the old priestess Auntie. She had the white hair, sassy mouth and wisdom. I want to know what happens to her...please live Auntie!

Cierra J. Edgefield


I usually don't write reviews but I got this book as a gift and I clicked the link on the last page to Amazon. If I had read the poor review I wouldn't have read this book. I loved it. There aren't too many horror stories told through the lens of African American characters. This is a love story not a sex story. I thought it was well written with a good plot and enough scary to bother me after I finished the book. I was so impressed with the book that I ended up buying and gifting it to a co-worker. I hope the second installment comes out soon!



This book was amazing! I could not put it down! The characters were likeable and so real. It is not your typical vampire story or love story, it has a fresh new plot and twist. I would recommend it to anyone. The author is amazing, I signed up for her newsletter and got book 2 for free!

Glendaliz Serrano


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