Everyone was going to feel her pain.

Stolen Prophet: The Prophet’s Mother – Book 1

Evie is strong and beautiful. She’s a single mother with an adorable son nicknamed, Prophet, by classmates. The only thing Evie ever hoped for was a normal life. Her past is painful and bloody. So she fled a cursed future where her death was inevitable.

She hadn’t meant to fall in love. She hadn’t meant to give birth. When Victor’s father died, her son became the only reason to continue to exist…and then he is kidnapped. Evie knew something terrible had happened when she couldn’t feel his presence.

To save her son, she unleashes the full power of an angry demigoddess. She coats the southern city in an icy hell while evoking madness and death. She will find Victor. There’s no one to stop her…or is there?

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