She's Afraid of Her Destiny

Rise of The Priestess: The Demon Lover’s Chronicles – Book 3

In this final part of the trilogy – young Marie begs her mother to kill her papa’s betrayers. Angelina tries to keep her promise, but eventually she’s outwitted.

Consequently, Marie is orphaned by the demon who enjoys her mother as his carnal prize. Marie grows up in Maryland – pampered, rich and angry. She’s a priestess who knows that her destiny is to send César back to hell. Instead she gets married, becomes a physician and has children. She enjoys her life, but she lives in fear.

Marie inherited her supernatural blood, but she’s more human than her hybrid mother, and weaker. César evolves to become increasingly powerful and diabolical until finally, Marie’s dead Aunt Rachel demands that she fulfill her destiny.

César took everything. The demon even turned her mother into his whore. Was Marie strong enough to fight back?

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