They thought they were safe from his Revenge

César’s Revenge: The Demon Lover’s Chronicles – Book 2

She’s a vampire, priestess and zombie crossbreed who struggles to hold onto her humanity. But she isn’t dead. She survived rape and near death, but her will is tested when the demon’s desire for her turns into an obsession. Angelina flees to the Louisiana bayou more inhuman than human. Her sister’s love and Auntie’s guidance kept her from turning into a monster.

Angelina elopes with her childhood, Allen, sweetheart about the Esmeralda. She isn’t the only vampire sailing to France at the start of World War II. Angelina learns that she’s an efficient killer. The young couple arrive and then thrive in Paris. She uses her priestess abilities to tame her vampire, at least until her daughter is confronted by a different kind of monster.

Angelina is a businesswoman, wife and mother. Love isn’t enough to protect them from César’s revenge.

His revenge is cold. His heart is colder.

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