There’s Something In That House

The house sits on the corner of a well-manicured neighborhood. But it is more than a distinctive blight on an otherwise picturesque street that I notice on my weekly jogs. The house’s Gothic style seems so out place among the trendier homes. The sun had leached all...

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Stephen King and I

Stephen King is my friend. He just doesn’t know it. Let’s face it, he just doesn’t know me. But he saved me, nonetheless. I grew up in the housing projects. Enough said, right? Want a dream killer? Grow up in an environment that seems to prep you for prison rather...

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I envy writers who suffer from writer’s block. They probably get a good night’s sleep.As far as I’m concerned, they can have my source of inspiration. Really, who wants to have my nightmares? I can never tell when I’m going to have a bad dream. My husband says that...

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Home Alone, or am I?

When my husband goes on a business trip, I’m usually all alone in a big and old house. It’s been around for more than a century and I suspect folks have died in it. That’s my suspicion and I’m sticking to it.  Late at night, I hear things. If my dog, Cherie, doesn’t...

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Ghostly Attachment Issues

I have a shiny bike. It’s pink with a little white wicker basket. I call it the grandma bike. So no, I’m not a cycling enthusiast. You won’t see me hunched over the handlebars wearing slick shorts on and a go-to hell helmet while looking fierce and cool at the same...

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