Raven in a circle of light

It’s just me, a Raven Horror Maven…

Julian Coleman is my pseudonym. I’m not hiding behind an assumed name. Julia is the first name of one grandmother, and Coleman is the maiden last name of the other. It’s my way of honoring the strong women who came before me. In reality, I’m not made of the “same stuff”, but I try.

My nightmares — actually night terrors — made me feel weird and alone as a child. Facebook and Twitter friends have shared their nightmares with me. I’m grateful. Now, I’m not so alone. That’s a good feeling.

An Independent Appeal

If you took the time to read one of my novels, then let me say now, THANK YOU!

So, got a few minutes? What did you think? Write a line or two to let my potential customers know your thoughts. 

Here the link to my Amazon Profile Page with all my books listed. I have more upcoming books, so your opinion is very valuable to me.

Also, keep in touch by going to my contact tab and sending me a note. Thanks again. 


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