Why do we love vampires? Because they promise eternal life (or youth)? Maybe. They’re sexy despite (or because of) that whole drinking blood thing, but only if they turn you. Plus, they have some pretty awesome superpowers like getting mortals to submit to their will. Just think how useful that would be at, say, a bank.

I’m a book reviewer who opts to review anything paranormal, but specifically vampire novels. Part of the reason I love to review books is because they are free, and also because it’s so hard for good writers to get reviews (hint).

The vampire books I review are generally quite good. Some are even impressively awesome. Also, there have been a few that weren’t digestible. When I stumble upon a magnificent find, I usually wonder how long those saucy tales have been stewing around in the authors’ brains.

Mine? A few years before I fleshed out my beloved demon.

Which brings me to the reason for this blog. I have a very unscientific observation about these authors. Have you noticed how vampire books written by men tend to create a scenario where mortals are just blood in bags of skin? According to this narrative, people only good for one thing, as a food source.  But the contemporary vampire books written by women are different, they tend to be sexually charged. Their narratives tend to have the endearing innocent tossing aside her inhibitions for an ultimate bad-boy and then descending into a lust-fueled relationship.

My unscientific example? How about Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot versus Charlaine Harris’ True Blood. So I ask you. Which do you prefer? Food or lover?

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